Sunday, March 7, 2010

AD&D Campaign session #1

Here is a recap of the first session in my ad&d campaign. The first session saw two of my regular players show up and my brother jumped in. The characters rolled up where a paladin, monk, and a dwarf fighter. They started out in my capitol city called Izulde the "the magic capitol" and heard rumors of a forgotten wizards tower (tower of xylathern) just a days walk from the town that had recently been uncovered. Their first venture into the dungeon saw them only making it into the main room and opening a door to another. Behind the door the uncovered a crypt full of coffins and on the far side a large coffin padlocked.
The dwarf immediately decided to break the lock on the coffin revealing that it housed an undead ogre ready for the kill. The dwarf was brought down instantly and the other two barely survived and managed to escape to the surface dragging the dwarf behind. Upon again reaching town they rested up and decided they needed another companion in doing so they met a strange creature, humanoid in appearance but completely cloaked calling himself a Yaki. This creature claimed he was a thief and was generally good natured but untrustworthy. So they ventured back into the depths this time avoiding the undead ogre but encountering a giant weasel which they bested quickly and another ogre whom the paladin managed to haggle with.
The dwarf discovered a elevator shaft to another level and activated it not knowing that it was one way only. He decided to call upon the power of the Yaki (whom apparently had various strange powers) Yaki made a deal with the dwarf and in short the dwarf died in the end by selling his life. After which time the chracters left to regroup once again ending the first session..

not very inetresting.. but things will get better..