Saturday, February 6, 2010

Composition of Vulkara

Vulkara is like other worlds except it doesn't quite exist in the full material plane. Only parts of Vulkara can maintain material form and some scholars even venture to say the only reason that any physical existence remains is through the belief of those whom inhabit the plane. Even the small areas that remain physically stable still are occasionally disrupted by paradoxical fluxes. These fluxes can bring about strange occurrences usually minor but sometimes as great as slowing time, sending one to other place in time and space, or even bringing nightmarish dreams to life. Thus because of these dangers few travel outside the walls of the few city states that dot the landscape. Outside of the known world there is a place that continues on for said eternity only few whispers have been said about this realm and it is said to contain pure madness and one would have to be mad to venture there. The dead are also said to inhabit the outer realms for it seems that no one can truly leave Vulkara once they enter including dead.

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