Saturday, February 13, 2010

Magic on Vulkara and Airships

Magic at one time was a strong force upon Vulkara. The ancient force was at one time known as the weaving and the science behind the matter is not actually mystical to any effect. The ability to wield magic comes from the will of the mind to warp reality around ones self and create a desired result but with this great power comes a price. Warping the fabric of reality creates a paradox as reality fights back against the will worker. This paradox is what evidently led to the age of ruins and tore apart most of the material fabric of the world. Magic in the age of ruin has changed. The ancient secrets to wield magic have been lost and with it now wizards can only cast specific formulas that have been passed down. (Yeah i ripped the idea from mage so what..)

Another curious subject on Vulkara has been the invention of the airships. A recent invention created originally by the Wizards of Izulde. They found a particular crystal known as Ozua crystal that has unique properties. When combined with any source of magic creates a repulsion effect. This actually will make anything in enclosed space of the crystals to float. After some months the first airships where constructed from this discovery. The ship itself is made of wood just like a sea going vessel but with no sails. The crystals are stored in a wooden box/container in the center and lower decks of the ships. The box also has shutters made of metal. There are two shutters one on front and another in back, these lift and propel the ship depending on the amount of the shutter that is opened. Attractable anchors are also attached to the bottom of the ships to keep the ships from flipping when landing these anchors are raised inside the ship and when flying they are let down. After the 20 or so years most of the great city states have adopted this invention to create many fleets of airships that now roam the sky's.


  1. This just keeps getting cooler and cooler!

  2. Thanks man! Glad your enjoying my efforts.