Saturday, February 6, 2010

The new origins

The old ones were an intelligent alien race almost human like in appearance. They spanned the universe collecting various lifeforms and resources with the ultimate goal of creating a world of their own through a planet forming device. After many eons of searching, they chose the planet that is now known to those that inhabit it as Vulkara. Vulkara was a young planet, newly formed with only primitive microscopic lifeforms living beneath the surface. The experiments to reform the planet went dreadfully wrong soon after changing the face of the planet. This change is now known as the age of the awakening. Soon after the device was ignited the creatures that were brought aboard were changed, and the planet under went a stage of creation that the creators did not imagine as the whole of the planet was sucked into a temporal rift sending the lands into an alternate dimension. The old ones were blocked off from their home in the heavens and forced to exist amongst the beings that they had brought there. The old ones were forced to reign the lifeforms that they could under their control and after many ages of containment, finally gained control of the plane. The best device of control they found was working from the shadows making themselves to be gods and directing the construction of a mighty civilization from sheltered seclusion. They taught the power now as magic to their servants showing them the greater potential of the mind and taught them the secret patterns to wield it. After many ages, they became more reclusive and retreated more into seclusion until they were only a myth directing the mighty civilizations that they secretly controlled. Eventually the power of magic would be the down fall of their master plan and slowly the acolytes of the old ones gained sufficient powers of their own and some were driven mad by the tampering of reality. These mad 'wizards' now known in the current age as the chaos reavers, sought to tear apart the temporal fold of the plane. Great cities fell, temporal rifts opened up swallowing whole continents and bringing the end of the age of reason. This is the current age after the age of reason the old ones are never seen and some believe them to be only a myth, few vestiges of civilization exist much longer. This is the age of ruins, the power to bend reality to the wills of those who can wield it has been lost,this is the time for adventures, this is Vulkara!

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