Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another sandbox idea

My imagination has just been flying away with me this weekend. I have conceptualized another sandbox world the basis would be this. Essentially powerful beings showed other beings the power within themselves known as magic. Through magic realities could be crushed and anything perceivable could be accomplished though reality can only be bent so much. Mighty empires where developed totally non dependent upon technology and a great civilization arose. Time passed and the power to conceive broke down tearing the fabric of reality and creating a world that does not exist in any reality except the smallest faction. Those who rose out of the ashes made a new city encapsulated within the fabric of reality that was left standing. A great city within the bounds of reality when outside monsters, horrors, and the left overs of past ruins are left standing filled with treasures from the past for adventurers brave enough to venture out.


The first sourcebook of hopefully a few is finished. It is very short and basically entails my houserules, the races, and brief descriptions of the world have fun! Pdf can be found here....

Friday, January 29, 2010


I am currently typing up a sourcebook for vulkara. It will be released soon! Also another tidbit.. i am replacing the amazons with a new race called exer (fourarmed, insect martians)

- Fighters up to 5th level, Magic-users up to 8th level, and thieves up to 6th level.

-Being a mystical race honing the secrets and gifts of 'magic' they can memorize one additional level one spell

-Exer have four limbs and as such can easily use all of them for attack thus gaining a +1 to melee attacks.

-+2 vs. magic

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Origins of Vulkara


Vulkara is a small planet circled with three moons ,(Plantis, Orsis, Rumis), and two suns one red and one bright white (Se and Une). Eons ago before the age of ruins and before the Blessed age their where the old ones, beings immortal with powers beyond comprehension. They brought all that was to the world of Vulkara, they are said to have descended from the heavens finding the primitive lifeforms ,they multiplied them into new life and gave them awareness. The lifeforms worshiped them as we would know as gods and the old ones ruled the lands protecting the lesser beings but with the cost of devotion and worship.

After more then 3 ages they ruled until the time of the awakening. The populace of Vulkara found that with ignorance came bliss until they realized they where nothing more then slaves. They rebelled against the old ones driving them back to the heavens to never be seen again. The new age brought a rise of mighty kingdoms ruled by various races which had evolved over time thanks to the mighty powers of the Old Ones. Rulers and kingdoms clashed in mighty battles over the jungles of tarnis to the slopes of the grul mountains until out of the ashes rose the empire spoken in the age of ruin as the Kingdom of Vex-ere. For over 50 generations the kingdom flourished until the mighty line of emperors and empresses had vanished and the lands were left without a strong ruler.

The lands slowly fell into decay and once mighty spires of the once great cities feel to ash. This is the time of ruins this is the savage lands of Vulkara.

I Thought i would go ahead and throw in a little extra tid bit that i worked on today. This is the initial map of Vulkara...

Races of vulkara


Giant Kin: Can be fighters up to 6th level.

Being near tall and lumbering they have some natural strength that is just natural to their race as such they gain +1 to damage with melee weapons.

They are naturally magic resistant and gain +4 vs. magic and +2 vs. poison.

Giant Kin are easy targets and as such are at a +1 to hit

Being hardy folk they gain a +1 to all hit die rolls.

Lizard folk

Can be fighters up to 5th level, Magic-users up to 4th level and thieves up to 6th level.

-1 to hit because of their naturally hardened scales.

Can use their claws as natural weapons dealing one damage die

+2 saving throws vs. poison's

Moloch's (Primitive jungle dwelling folk)

Can be fighters up to 4th level and thieves up to 6th level.

+2 to hit with missile weapons

-1 to hit for small size

+4 saving throws vs magic

When being actively stealthy they gain +1 to surprise


As per elf men and magic..

Just ideas that are subject to change..

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am currently working on my own supplement/setting for od&d. The setting will be a more pulp fantasy world, savage in nature drawing inspirations from many sources but namely land of the lost, Conan, lost world and Edgar Rice Burroughs and generaly comic book and paper back artwork from the 1950's-60's. I will fill in the details as i have the them and when i get time type them up for a supplement book. The working title right now is The savage world of Vulkara. Here are some of my initial ideas i have been tinkering with in my head.

None of the standard races as per the usual. Some ideas i have so far will be Lizard-Men, Giant-Kin, Morlocks (tiny subterranean race), maybe amazons or something of the like...
Fighters, and magic-users will stay i do not see any reason to change the magic system but i will be removing clerics and adding in a home brewed thief. I am thinking about re imaging the combat system to suite my tastes that will only need d6's and also changing saving throws to suite these tastes as well. I also am going to kind of sci-fi things up a bit with giant lizards as mounts and variant armor and weapons.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Level Limits

Oh yeah every ones favorite topic of discussion when it comes to od&d. Level Limits (insert dramatic music here). After prepping for my new swords and wizardry white box game i again began to question level limits. I really did not like the idea of level limits. Then i started looking through my white box set again and carousing over the monsters. It came to me that even the strongest monsters in the game have only maybe 12 hit dice and that's when i began to understand how it all equals out. Only the most epic of hero's say someone like Hercules would have over 10 hd. So i have taken this concept and applied it to my game. Yes there are level limits but for humans too! Humans can only reach level 10 but the kicker is that you still can achieve above the limit through only super heroic deeds, divine intervention, or say something like a wish. This makes all the more sense to me in a fantasy world.

Back again with a fresh start!

Welcome to my new blog 2.0 of codeman's nostalgia gaming. I decided to just start fresh and go from there since i have not even posted on the old blog in over a year. I will be posting hopefully about once a week with my ideas and thoughts and various subjects of nerdom but my main focus will be white box d&d (the original rules circa 1974) and role-playing in general. Hope this will be a good new start for the new year and hope everyone enjoys the new and improved blog.