Sunday, January 17, 2010

Level Limits

Oh yeah every ones favorite topic of discussion when it comes to od&d. Level Limits (insert dramatic music here). After prepping for my new swords and wizardry white box game i again began to question level limits. I really did not like the idea of level limits. Then i started looking through my white box set again and carousing over the monsters. It came to me that even the strongest monsters in the game have only maybe 12 hit dice and that's when i began to understand how it all equals out. Only the most epic of hero's say someone like Hercules would have over 10 hd. So i have taken this concept and applied it to my game. Yes there are level limits but for humans too! Humans can only reach level 10 but the kicker is that you still can achieve above the limit through only super heroic deeds, divine intervention, or say something like a wish. This makes all the more sense to me in a fantasy world.

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