Sunday, January 24, 2010

Origins of Vulkara


Vulkara is a small planet circled with three moons ,(Plantis, Orsis, Rumis), and two suns one red and one bright white (Se and Une). Eons ago before the age of ruins and before the Blessed age their where the old ones, beings immortal with powers beyond comprehension. They brought all that was to the world of Vulkara, they are said to have descended from the heavens finding the primitive lifeforms ,they multiplied them into new life and gave them awareness. The lifeforms worshiped them as we would know as gods and the old ones ruled the lands protecting the lesser beings but with the cost of devotion and worship.

After more then 3 ages they ruled until the time of the awakening. The populace of Vulkara found that with ignorance came bliss until they realized they where nothing more then slaves. They rebelled against the old ones driving them back to the heavens to never be seen again. The new age brought a rise of mighty kingdoms ruled by various races which had evolved over time thanks to the mighty powers of the Old Ones. Rulers and kingdoms clashed in mighty battles over the jungles of tarnis to the slopes of the grul mountains until out of the ashes rose the empire spoken in the age of ruin as the Kingdom of Vex-ere. For over 50 generations the kingdom flourished until the mighty line of emperors and empresses had vanished and the lands were left without a strong ruler.

The lands slowly fell into decay and once mighty spires of the once great cities feel to ash. This is the time of ruins this is the savage lands of Vulkara.

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