Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am currently working on my own supplement/setting for od&d. The setting will be a more pulp fantasy world, savage in nature drawing inspirations from many sources but namely land of the lost, Conan, lost world and Edgar Rice Burroughs and generaly comic book and paper back artwork from the 1950's-60's. I will fill in the details as i have the them and when i get time type them up for a supplement book. The working title right now is The savage world of Vulkara. Here are some of my initial ideas i have been tinkering with in my head.

None of the standard races as per the usual. Some ideas i have so far will be Lizard-Men, Giant-Kin, Morlocks (tiny subterranean race), maybe amazons or something of the like...
Fighters, and magic-users will stay i do not see any reason to change the magic system but i will be removing clerics and adding in a home brewed thief. I am thinking about re imaging the combat system to suite my tastes that will only need d6's and also changing saving throws to suite these tastes as well. I also am going to kind of sci-fi things up a bit with giant lizards as mounts and variant armor and weapons.

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